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Wolverine and Scarlet Spider side by side by WaldenWong
Wolverine and Scarlet Spider side by side
Here are the double page spread of Wolverine and Scarlet Spider that I've inked twice for comparison. Some of you guys wanted to see both side by side. The top image (where I placed a small cover of the printed comic on the top left) was inked over blue lines. Carlo Barberi scans the pencils, e-mailed it to me, and I printed them out on blue line to ink over. Which was done towards the end of 2013. The bottom image (with my name logo on top left) was inked recently over a year later. An art collector, purchased the original pencils from Carlo, sent me the original, and commission me to ink directly on top of that. So basically, I've inked the same image twice.

With the top image, since I was inking it for Marvel Comics at the time, I'll usually ink over the bleed area. I've indicated that with a blue box. Pencillers will usually draw all the way to the CROP area and end it with a panel box/line. I'll usually keep working going outside of the crop area, Sometimes drawing what I think would have been there and inking off the page sometimes. That extra work I do, will never get printed. The reason I would ink outside the crop area is because I like to have more art than not enough during the scanning process. In the past, there were a few times I've inked exactly to the crop area and after scanning/prepping for production, there's just a small strip of area that didn't have enough art to cover the printed page. Then I find myself going back in with Photoshop and redrawing/inking that page digitally. In this case, more art is better.

On the bottom page, since it was a commission piece, I'll ink all the way to the crop area and ink in that crop line panel boarder that was penciled there originally. Just looks nicer as a commission piece and the art collector will get exactly what they asked for. No surprises there with adding extra art with the extended crop areas. In this case, less is better.

So there you have it, the same page inked separately over a year apart from each other. There are some things I've done exactly the same, and there are also areas that are inked differently. Can you spot the difference between the two? See any different textures and inking techniques? I see a few differences, but I wanted to see what you guys see.
Wolverine and Scarlet Spider commission. by WaldenWong
Wolverine and Scarlet Spider commission.
Wolverine and Scarlet Spider commission piece over Carlo Barberi​'s pencils are done!

This is a first for me. Reason being over a year ago, Carlo Barberi and I were working on Scarlet Spider #18 together. He pencilled this page, scanned it, and sent me the high resolution to ink over Blue Line print outs. So I've inked it once already then. Fast forward to now, a collector buys the original pencils from Carlo, send the originals it to me, and commissions me to ink directly on top of the pencils. Which means it's my second time inking this double page spread.

So is this consider a "recreation"? But then, I'm inking over the original pencils which was used make the comic. Or is it an "original"? Then again, these inks aren't the one used to print the comic.  What would you call it?
Scarlet Spider Commission WIP 3 by WaldenWong
Scarlet Spider Commission WIP 3

Part 3 of the Work in Progress commission piece over Carlo Barberi's pencils.

When working on a double page spread, I'll usually keep the work folded in half and use a FedEx express pack that I partially cut, to cover up the other half of the artwork I'm not working on. This will keep that part of the page clean without any smudges and not scuffed up when I spin the pages around and around like a pottery wheel.

Pulling off the FedEx sleeve and slipping it onto other side of the double page spread to continue working on the left side showing Wolverine.

Scarlet Spider Commission WIP 2 by WaldenWong
Scarlet Spider Commission WIP 2
Part 2 of my Work In Progress Commission piece with my inks over Carlo Barberi's pencils. 

Here you can see left side of the page with more inks. No reason why I choose the left side to do first. Just whatever figure that was behind objects in the foreground. When it comes to figure work, I like to ink characters that are in the foreground, then middle, then work my way to the backgrounds. I find this helps keep things separate during the inking process. In this piece, there are areas drawn with black next to other black. If I were to ink both areas black, it'll all mesh together and the figure work would be lost. So what I've done is separate the two solids with a halo, a white line separating the two black solids. In doing so, sometimes I'll also separate a black with just a single line that's not black. Just to make the flow work better (like Scarlet Spider's right knee).

You can also see when I stopped. Take a look at the right leg of the bad guy on the bottom right corner. The ink was running low on the brush and instead of dipping more ink, I called it a day and will continue later. You can see the ink is a bit grey instead of black.

Another thing to take note is the background under Scarlet Spider's crotch. I used a brush to tapered into the blacks. Once I'm done with all the brush work, I'll later use a quill pen and cross hatch in the rest of the lines. I like the hatch work running smoothly from the white areas into the blacks. Just so there's no blunt black separating the hatch work and blacks. You'll see what I'm talking about when I post the completed inks.


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Just found out today that I was nominated for comic book inking in the categories of MOST-ADAPTABLE and the PROPS AWARD! 

Listed on the Inkwell Awards ballot now live...

Voting runs from April 15-30.

Vote, vote, vote!

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